About us

Bookkeeping service Kontoprom is a part of the company Kontoprom Ltd. from Bijeljina. Service was founded in September 1993. Today the service employs 12 workers, of which 2 employees have accounting license and serves about 13 0 clients performing for them all bookkeeping tasks. The great advantage of our service is that it has its own software that most of bookkeeping is automated, which increase the speed and accuracy of data processing. The service employs two software developers who continuously develop new and improve existing software. Our clients have authorized access to our online service through which they access to their books at any time and any place. We are currently developing software for clients that will satisfy most of their needs.

Who are we?

Visit page about the employees in the bookkeeping service “KontoProm”

What services we offer?

  • Processing and archiving of accounting documentation
  • Prices calculation of products and goods
  • Tax records
  • Processing salaries
  • Management of the main books
  • Doing business with the banks, funds, the Tax Office, inspection services and other public and government services
  • Make periodic and annual billing
  • Other jobs that derive from the law on accounting and other legal acts
  • Giving advice in relation to the financial condition of the company, help with finding loans or other financial company charges
  • Development of business plans, customer education regarding the new regulations and other changes or benefits to the market in the legislature
  • On-line bookkeeping service (internet service): access to the main books, bank statements, records of commodity accounting, create invoices...

Where are the savings in relation to self bookkeeping?

  • You do not have the need to employ authorized accountants, as well as additional operational employees, which save on the cost of the salaries of employees, taxes, contributions, employee meals, sick leave, annual leave, interpersonal relations ...
  • You do not have the costs for working space, professional seminars, professional literature, equipment, software, book, part of stationery, heating, electricity ...

Advantages in comparison to the classic bookkeeping service?

  • In relation to the classic bookkeeping service we provide greater security, faster data processing and reporting.
  • Accounting software for clients (web application) is an integral part of our services.
  • Our on-line service saves your time and allows you a better insight into business operations, and thus better planning and faster decision-making.

How to become our client?

Very easy! Call us and we will:

  • Make an initial insight into your business.
  • Give you a bid and contract with the plan of activities, terms and prices of our services.
  • Adapt our services to your needs.
  • Make transfer your data to our accounting system.
  • Train you and your staff to use our on-line bookkeeping service.

What is needed to become our on-line service user?

  • You need to be our client and have access to the Internet.

The price?

The price of our bookkeeping service depends on:

  • The number of documents to be processed
  • The number of employees
  • The number and frequency of reporting that we prepare for you
  • The special requirements